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Adams Conservation District is a non-regulatory, not for profit organization dedicated to the education and promotion of natural resource conservation. We provide financial and technical support to help local landowners/operators implement better management practices. Our goal is to work together with local residents and partner agencies to protect the natural resources that sustain us all. Often times management practices can be modified to improve the quality and quantity of resources, as well as enhance operation. By sharing our experience and knowledge with each other, we can preserve the beautifully unique county we live in.


     Board of Supervisors                                                  Staff 

                                              Curtis Hennings,  Chairman                             Cara Hulce, Manager

                                             Ron Hennings, Vice Chairman 

                                                  Michael Broeckel, Auditor   

                                                Branden Spencer, Treasurer

                                                       Gary Cook, Member


*ACD board meetings are held the third Thursday of every month at 7:30 pm at the District office located at 118 E Main Ave in Ritzville. Depending on harvest the board may not meet in July or August. 


2024 Board Meeting Minutes: February, March, April









Thank you to all those who helped create Adams Conservation District's Long Range Plan!

 Adams CD Long Range Plan 2020-2025

We will be reviewing the plan annually and encourage you to come to us anytime with needs or ideas.

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